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  • The 25 Best Cities to Visit in the World

    There are many beautiful cities in the world. You could spend a lifetime visiting the world’s greatest cities and still not see them all. When it comes to international cities, however, not all are created equal. The world has a top tier of urban environments that set the standard for the rest of the world. […]

  • Murder & Majesty: Canterbury Cathedral’s Top 10 Highlights

    Touring sensation One of the top things to do in Kent, the “Garden of England,” is to visit Canterbury Cathedral. This UNESCO World Heritage Site and popular tourist destination is famous for being the site of Thomas Becket’s murder in 1170, an event that continues to captivate visitors and pilgrims. As Archbishop of Canterbury, Becket […]

  • Manchester, England has 17 top-rated things to do.

    Manchester, the commercial and cultural capital of Lancashire, is a well-known hub for the arts, media, and higher education. It, together with Salford and eight other municipalities, makes up the metropolitan county of Greater Manchester, which today has a population of three million people. Manchester, like its neighbouring Liverpool, has seen a rebirth with the […]

  • Canterbury’s Top 10 Attractions and Things to Do

    Canterbury, a busy market city in the county of Kent, has survived centuries of history while retaining much of its mediaeval character. This lovely city is also known as the residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the head of the Anglican Church. It was here, as the cradle of English Christianity, that St. Augustine made […]

  • Buckingham Palace Visit: Top 9 Things to See and Do

    Many images will come to mind when you think of Britain – and, in particular, England. Royalty is often the first thing that visitors to London from around the world think of when planning their England travel itinerary. And nothing screams “Royal Family” quite like Buckingham Palace. Buckingham Palace – affectionately known as “Buck House” […]

  • Birmingham’s Top 12 Attractions & Things to Do

    Birmingham is Britain’s second biggest city, and its position in the West Midlands makes it an excellent starting point for visiting the Cotswolds and Malvern Hills, particularly by canal. Birmingham’s canals were a result of the city’s growth throughout the Industrial Revolution, and now this enormous canal network is primarily utilised for recreational boating. In […]

  • 20 Top-Rated London Attractions & Activities

    London is a fascinating city. Ancient laneways lined with historic landmarks, high-end stores, and award-winning theatre. The beautiful streets weave around famous landmarks like Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and St. Paul’s Cathedral, enticing visitors to gawk and fill up their phone’s camera memory. It’s no surprise that London is one of the world’s most visited […]

  • 19 Top-Rated English Towns

    It’s not easy picking England’s greatest tiny towns. This lush countryside is bursting with charming settlements that tourists can’t pick between. These charming tiny towns’ breathtaking settings have inspired innumerable paintings, poetry, and books, as well as filled many a phone’s photo storage. From mediaeval seaside villages to Cotswold charm towns, England knows how to […]

  • 16 Best Cities in England

    Despite its small size, England has a plethora of wonderful places to visit. As the cornerstone of the United Kingdom (the UK also includes Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland), England has been a centre of government and the site of numerous significant historical events for centuries. Spend time sightseeing in any one of its many […]

  • 11 Top Weekend Getaways in the UK

    England’s rich history and several must-see cultural attractions make it an ideal destination for romantic, family, or lonely weekend getaways. And it’s simple to travel about – the shore is seldom more than an hour away. England also has something for everyone. History fans are particularly fortunate for options, with wonderful ancient cathedral cities like […]